Durie Family Association

Written by David Durie

SIR DAVID DURIE KCMG, Chairman DFA 2009-2015

The Durie Family Association was set up after the Gathering of Scottish clans and families in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh in July 2009. The Durie Family was well represented at the Gathering by the Chief, Andrew Durie of Durie, and others but we realised that unlike many other Scottish clans and families we had no continuing forum for bringing Duries together to promote a continuing interchange between them and  also with others who have an interest in the family. Accordingly, on the initiative of the Chief, we formed the Durie Family Association in April 2010 to allow this to happen and have been actively recruiting new members since then.

The Association aims

  • To promote and foster the interests of the Durie family at home in Scotland, throughout the rest of the United Kingdom and around the world.
  • To promote and foster kinship, friendship and camaraderie amongst all of the name and names and their descendants.
  • To create communication amongst members by collecting, distributing, and publishing information about all aspects of the Durie family particularly through the Durie Family Association website. This has areas open exclusively to DFA members and will have regular newsletters. There will be occasional family gatherings wherever and whenever these are appropriate.
  • To allow for exchanges of news, views and information particularly on family history between DFA members via the Members’ Only parts of the website
  • To research and maintain an archive of material relating to the surname Durie and its cognates and to ancestors, descendants and relatives, for the use of Association Members, including conducting, promoting or assisting research work into Durie history.
  • To identify and, as appropriate, preserve historical documents and pictures and mark events relating to the Family. The DFA is also able to provide the opportunity to by Durie related merchandise including tartan, badges, whisky etc.

Who may join

The Association is open to those with the surname Durie or any of its variants including Dury, Dowrie, Dourie, Duree, Durry, Durrie, Du Ry, Duryea and others or having descended from an ancestor with these names as well as to people with an interest in the Durie family, Fife families and Scottish genealogy.


We are lucky to have as the Historian and Genealogist to the Chief, Dr Bruce Durie, who takes the lead on researching and preserving Durie family history. He is also available to assist members in tracing their ancestry (subject to a fee in appropriate cases, particularly where research is required). Bruce is also the coordinator for the Durie DNA Project which will become an increasingly powerful tool in establishing family links and connections.

Joining the Association

Although these are still early days for the DFA, we believe that all this provides a great opportunity for Duries around the world to get together, to find out more about the family and to get to know each other better. If you are interested and eligible, I invite you to join the Durie Family Association now.

What it costs and what you get

There is an initial Enrolment Fee of £15 GBP Sterling plus an Annual Subscription fee of £12 - or equivilants in other currencies. This gives you access to the Members’ Only section of the website with news and views of the Durie Family to which you can also contribute, exchange information on your family history, explore your genealogy and make connections with other parts of the family and take part in events. Also as a full member of the Association you will have a say in how it is run, what it does and how it develops.

How to join

You can join now via this website and pay via PayPal. Or, for UK applicants only, you can join by post by downloading and printing the Postal Application form and sending it with your payment to the Treasurer as instructed.


The DFA is interested to find more Volunteers to help with the Association. If you have the time and interest or any specific skills that you think could help us please contact me or the Secretary.

Yours aye,

David Durie
Chairman 2009-2015


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