The Durie Family History project!

Why not contribute to the Durie Family history? We need your help! Use this simple list – just three easy initial stages (in point 'A') - to help seek out basic information about your family? Then for greater involvement look at points 'B' & 'C' too.

Send it to us and it could lead to the very links we are searching for...


  1. Starter Information on your family!

Just put down what you know: (for Census or Electoral Roll access)

1.  Names, dates, ages, places of residence of anyone alive before these dates

a) For Australia: in the 1830s or 1840s.

b) For Canada: in 1921.

c) For France: in 1891.

d) For all of Ireland: in 1901 or 1911

e) For Scotland, England and Wales: in 1911.  

f) For New Zealand: 1870s..

g) For United States: in 1940.

h) And anywhere else – whatever you have...

2. Names, dates, ages, places of residence - of the earliest immigrant(s) you know of...

3. From where did they come?

Note: Any textual information you have is welcomed as a starting point.


  1. More Advanced? If you are already a bit more advanced in your research put the information in FamilyTreeMaker or GEDCOM format** See Below


  1. Durie DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA

It is well worth having a DNA test. We can only include you in the Durie DNA Project if you test at

Males: Take the Y-67 test as a start, you can upgrade later.

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IN YOUR RESEARCHES: Be aware that:

1.   Durie (Scotland) started as a surname in the 1260s when a younger son of the Earl of Strathearn was granted land already called Durie, in Fife.

2.   It is spelled It is spelled Durie, Dury, DuRy, Durrie, Durye, Dowrie, Duryea, Duryee etc. but NEVER Drury (different - an English family).

3.   Various Duries went to different places at various times.

4.   Unrelated French Protestant Durie/Dury families came to Scotland, and also migrated to the New York and New Jersey areas in the 1600s, and became Duryea/Duryee.


**GEDCOM – for the more advanced: For further information on how to make a GEDCOM file of your family tree click here.


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