Durie Family Tree

The Durie Family Tree has found its home at 'Durie Genealogy Pages': http://www.brucedurie.co.uk/TNG/ (NB uppercase TNG is necesssary)

This is very much Work in Progress, and we have not tested it to destruction. We are interested in any feedback, and Bruce will refine the website as much as possible, based on comments received. You can contact him

The tree already has over 7,000 Durie names on it reaching back to Andrew Durie, son of Sir John de Dury, born between 1449 and 1456 and other entries even earlier! It is owned and run by the renowned genealogist Dr Bruce Durie, on behalf of DFA. All information currently presented has been verified by him. If you have any additions or comments to make please contact him.

Dr Durie is also genealogist to the Durie Family Association (DFA) and Shennachie to the Chief of Durie. For members of the DFA there is free access to a considerable amount of extra information, Members should request their access code to the Family Tree through the Durie Genealogy Pages.

A helpful guide to using and navigating the new Durie Family Tree site is here in PDF format.


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