Captain George Durie

Provost of Dunfermline

" width= CAPTAIN GEORGE DURIE (1640-1703) 5th of Craigluscar.

By Dr Bruce Durie

George was the son of James Durie of Netherton and Craigluscar and Christian Durie (her maiden name, daughter of Robert Durie of Grange and Christian Rutherford). His part of the Luscar lands was afterwards known as “Stobie’s Luscar”.

The rank refers to his captaincy in the Scots Guards of Louis XIV. He was elected Provost of Dunfermline in 1664, 1665, 1685 and possibly at other times, according to Dunfermline Burgh Records, including in 1687.

He was the first Durie to matriculate a coat of arms – along with his cousin and in-law Durie of Grange – in the newly-instigated Public Register of All Arms in 1672.

Captain George had no sons by his wife Jonet Currie (his daughter Christine or Grizel, b. 1668, married a Bowman) and he was succeeded as 6th of Craigluscar by his brother, John Durie (1641-1726).

This picture, taken from a portrait belonging to Andrew Durie of Durie, was for sometime thought to be of Abbot George Durie but has recently been authenticated as that of Captain George Durie.

The first registration of Durie coats of arms in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings, 1672, Vol. Ip.811 (courtesy of the Lyon Office).


JOHN DURIE (1641-1726), 6th of Craigluscar

John, Capt. George Durie’s brother and heir, married Agnes, daughter of William Colvile of Hillside and Blair (m. 24 Dec 1696) and d. March 1726, leaving issue:

Christian; b. bef. 14 Jan 1698, m George Thompson.

Grizel, b. bef. 30 Jun 1699, d. aft. 1690;

George (7th of Craigluscar), b. 16 Sep 1701, d. 27 Nov 1768;

James, merchant in Edinburgh; b 18 Oct 1702; d. unm. 1730 at Craigluscar, of a fever     ;

Janet, b. bef. 27 Oct 1703

Robert, b. bef. 24 Mar 1705; d young of an injury received at school;

Elizabeth, b. bef. 1 Dec 1707

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