Robert Durie

The Fife Adventurer

By Dr Bruce Durie

Son of John Durie, and therefore a second cousin to Abbot George Durie and Bishop Andrew Durie, Robert had an interesting life.

Born probably in 1555, first or second son of John Durie, he studied at St Mary’s College, St Andrews. He accompanied his brother-in-law, James Melville to the Parliament at Linlithgow 1st December 1585, and also to Berwick in September 1586. He became assistant to the schoolmaster of Dunfermline, was admitted to the parish of Abercrombie [St Monans] in 1588, presented to the vicarage by James VI, and transferred on 1st February 1592 to the office of portership of the outer port of the Abbey of Dunfermline for life. This may well have been an honorific title, which he held alongside his pastoral duties in Anstruther.

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