Rutherford & Teviot

The Earls of Rutherford & Teviot and The Duries of the Grange

By Dr Bruce Durie

Now, this was a strange lot!

Lord George Rutherford of Rutherford was the great-great grandfather of William, Lord Rutherford, who died in 1624. He had three sons (Robert, William, Andrew) and two daughters (Isabel and Christine). The three sons inherited the title in succession. Robert was a Major General, and Governor of Majorca. His sons were Robert, Count Rutherford, Governor of Ostend; and William, Treasurer to the King of Spain. They must themselves have died without heirs, because the title passed to Alexander, who thus became 1st Lord Rutherford as well as Earl of Teviot (the title of the second son). He also must have had no issue, because the title would have passed to Alexander, except that he was a congenital idiot and could not inherit.

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