Captain W.A.P. Durie 1879-1917

The extraordinary story of Canadian Captain William Arthur Peel Durie of Toronto's remains was recently the subject of an article in The Star, 15th May 2014, titled, ‘One Soldier, three cemetries and a mother who never stopped plotting.’

On the outbreak of WW1 Capt. W.A.P. Durie enlisted with the 58th Battalion, CEF; in 1917 he was killed near Lens, and buried with his comrades in Northern France. His mother the widowed Mrs William Smith Durie, Anna, however, was not happy with his resting place and was determined his body should be returned to Canada.

Captain W. A. P. Durie's impressive grave is in St. James Cemetery, Toronto.

To read the article click here.

Our Absent Hero’ is Anna Durie’s book of poems in loving memory of her son, published in 1920 and available in reproduction from Amazon - among others.


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