Australian Duries - The First Durie Migrants

Australian Duries today are almost too numerous to count! No-one sailed with the First Fleet, sadly, but Robert Durie (1777-1825) was probably the first to visit although he didn’t stay. He was shipwrecked off the Falklands on his return on the “Isabella” in 1812-13, and took control of the marooned party until they were rescued. A Captain in the 73rd Regiment (the Black Watch) he had been in Parramatta, New South Wales, helping to oversee the transition of Government from the rebel administration to that of Governor Macquarie.

From whom are you descended? When did your family arrive in Australia?

We would like any Australian Duries or those with Durie connections who feel they could be included in this section to send us their names and some information about their lives and their families. Please send your story and if possible photographs as well to: It will be reviewed and may be used in a Newsletter &/or posted on the website. Durie Family Association members will, we hope, be able to provide detail they have on parents, grandparents and ancestors to help us all build up our extended Family Tree.

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