Duries Elsewhere - Early Durie Migrants

Early Durie Migrants

There are many Durie migrations other than to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States – they migrated to India, Java, Egypt and South America and elsewhere. The Durie Family Association would love to hear from their descendants, and anyone else with a Durie, Durry, DuRy or similar connection. We have active members in all parts of the world who contribute to our genealogical information.

Where ever you are we are interested to hear of your Durie history, news, stories and related topics. Send them into us at: information@duriefamily.co.uk. they will be reviewed and may be used in a Newsletter &/or posted on the website. Such contributions will help to build up the website and provide a lively view of the Duries around the world.

From whom are you descended? What was the history of your ancestors' migration?

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