The mystery of Dr John Durie who died in Trinidad in 1811

Dr John Durie, attended Glasgow University in 1788, d. Trinidad 1811

Can anyone throw any light on this mystery man?

A query came to the DFA from Peter Strang, a student at the University of Glasgow assisting the university archives in compiling and publishing information relating to historic students and alumni that attended the university and who have international connections. Specifically, he is researching students who had links with Trinidad & Tobago.

The query concerned still inconclusive research into Dr John Durie, possibly a Reed Maker’s son, who attended the University of Glasgow and died in Trinidad but about whom so little is known. Our own Dr Bruce Durie looked into this, and says: “it shows just how important documentary evidence is in verifying the facts; how trails can end with question marks; how exciting and interesting delving into the family past can be."

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