Duries World-wide - The First Durie Migrants

The family of Durie in Fife dates back to the origin of the name in the 1260s, when a younger son of the Earl of Strathearn was granted lands called ‘Durie’ and took this as his surname. Stories about origins in Normandy or elsewhere are pure mythology. The family gained real but short-lived prominence in Scotland when George Durie became the last (pre-reformation) Abbot of Dunfermline and his brother, Andrew, was Bishop of Galloway. An elder brother, Robert was Durie of Durie and had the lands in Scoonie, Fife. Considerable separate landholdings in Fife – Durie itself, Craigluscar (home to the ancestors of the current Chief) and Grange of Kinghorn – are all long-gone, but various branches of the family remain.

However, Duries have dispersed as widely as any other Scots – what Maritime Historian Dr Eric Grahame has called ‘the spread of the Scottish virus in the 18th Century’ – but many of our migrations predate that. In order to help bring all Duries worldwide back into the fold, the Durie Family Association hopes to persuade as many as possible to contribute their family information and pedigrees.

There is a section on Overseas Duries from an historical aspect by Dr Bruce Durie in '750 years of Duries'. Click Here

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