As head of the Durie Family I would like to welcome you to our website.

It had long been an ambition of mine to find a way to bring the far flung members of this important family closer together and begin to piece together our history.

The title and arms of Durie were returned to my father Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Durie of Durie by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in 1988. I am immensely proud to have inherited them and I was  very excited at the launch of this website in 2011 - and what it means to the Durie family and all those names associated with us.

It would not have been possible until a few years ago when circumstance brought me together with Dr. Bruce Durie. We shared a vision to bring Duries and descendants of Duries where ever they might be together and thus to build up our fragmented history and hopefully begin to put together archival material for future generations. Some parts are comparatively well documented, others a complete blank. Please consult the extensive History & Today pages for the origins of our family and stories about some of its more prominent members across the centuries.

The website and much of its supporting material has been brought together by Bruce working initially with Rod MacDougall on the website creation and technical side. We now have a new Webmaster in Chandeep Khosa of Imagine Creativity. The site contains a wealth of information, but we look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions on how it can be improved. Most importantly we hope to expand it with information from you and other family members across the world. There is also a mass of genealogical data on the site, and a discussion forum to which members of the Durie Family Association are invited to contribute. We hope that with these exchanges we can begin to fill in this huge jigsaw puzzle which is the Durie family history.

Although we already had a website, the catylst for the creation of a Durie Family Association was undoubtedly the 2009 Gathering in Edinburgh. The Duries shared a tent with the Eliott Family, and it was clear from looking at and learning from other families, and feeling the interest and enthusiasm that we should attempt to do something on a larger scale.

I would encourage you to join The Durie Family Association, our family interest group. Sir David Durie kindly agreed to be our first Chairman and has just retired from that post, Alistair Durie is our Treasurer and my sister Christian our Secretary. Bruce Durie is my Shennachie and our Durie Genealogist, with his many commitments we are very fortunate to have access to his huge bank of knowledge and experience to help us piece the bits together. We brought some Duries together for our own First Gathering in 2014 in Scotland, we look forward to Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina in July this year and hope to have other meetings elsewhere too.

Again welcome. I hope you enjoy browsing through the site, and are encouraged to learn more about our Family by becoming a member of the Association.

Andrew Durie of Durie

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