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The Durie Family Association launched two Scotch whiskies in 2012, especially selected and bottled for the Durie Family.

The Chief worked for some years with Alex Bruce, the Sales & Marketing Director of Adelphi Distillery Ltd., including in the creation of Rossend Castle Single Malt, a label also with Durie connections; alas, of which there is no more. Adelphi is a small specialist whisky company based on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in Argyll, where they have built a brand new malt distillery. Their blending and bottling operations are in Fife, only five miles from Dunfermline. They are known for dedication to quality, and every whisky which bears their name must match their strict criteria. 

The two whiskies are Abbot Durie’s Seal, an exceptional 15 year old Ardmore Single Highland Malt from one cask, and The Durie Dram, a superb de luxe blend of malt and grain whiskies. The whisky bottles have distinctive parchment-coloured labels featuring the 1539 seal of George Durie, Commendator and last Abbot of Dunfermline.

Each bottle contains 70cl. Abbot Durie’s Seal is bottled at high strength 46%, and The Durie Dram at 40%. They are not in gift cartons but each order comes with an envelope containing an explanation written by Dr. Bruce Durie, Shennachie to the Chief, about the Durie Family, Abbot George and his Seal, leading up to the present Chief.

The cask which provided our first Abbot Durie's Seal Highland Malt is exhausted. To replace it the Chief has chosen with Alex Bruce of Adelphi, and a panel of his two sons and son-in-law, a 15 year old Ardmore Single Highland Malt. Ardmore is a distillery the Chief knew well in his Allied Distillers days.  It is in Aberdeenshire at Kennethmont, and was founded in 1898.  It became a big part of the Teachers blend, and unlike most Highland malts has always had a slightly stronger flavour of peat.


Abbot Durie’s Seal. A Highland Malt 46% vol. Distilled in 1997, bottled in 2012. A ‘harvest’ golden hue from an active maturity in American oak also evident on the nose and palate: apple tart, flaked almonds, a mint hint; the tell-tale waxy texture is ever-present in a fresh and creamy palate. A medium length whisky with extraordinary complexity and balance.

 Abbot Durie’s Seal. A 15 year old Highland Malt, 46% vol. Distilled in 2000 at Ardmore Distillery.

An autumn gold, light treacle in colour, with a nose of smoked cheese, chocolate-coated orange peel and vanilla ice cream. A little strawberry jelly on the palate combines with salty Dutch liquorice and damp peat on a smouldering fire.



 The Durie Dram. A de luxe Blend 40% vol. The aroma presents an interesting meeting of north-east and south-west characteristics; Speyside pear drops and Islay smoke. The mouth-feel is quite remarkably smooth, gentle and well balanced.




Both whiskies are now available from Adelphi Disillery Ltd,

Merryhill Farm Warehouse, Charlestown, Fife, Scotland KY11 3DR.

       Telephone: +44 (0) 1383 873426          Email: info@adelphidistillery.com         

Website: www.adelphidistillery.com


The prices in the United Kingdom are:

Abbot Durie’s Seal, £49.84 per bottle (including VAT)           The Durie Dram, £22.60 per bottle (includign VAT)



There is a flat charge of £10 for deliveries up to and including 11 bottles within the United Kingdom, there is no charge for delivery of 12 bottles or more.

Following placement of your order Adelphi will contact you to confirm the order, payment, shipping and delivery details.



- Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand: Adelphi has agents in most West European countries, Australia and New Zealand and may be able to channel orders through them, prices on demand from Adelphi.  

- Australia: Contact: Baranows Emporium, email: ben@baranowsemporium.com                    Telephone: +61 407 245 243

- Rest of the World: Orders and deliveries to other parts of the world depend on their own local regulations and Adelphi can advise on these.


We hope you will enjoy these unique and distinctive whiskies with family and friends.

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