Dr Bruce Durie adds more letters after his name

Written by Christian Dewar Durie
Saturday, 29 March, 2014 - 15:41

he was given a Companionate of Merit from the Military and Hospitaller order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem which means he can put some more letters after his name: OMLJ. ‘As an ecumenical Christian Order of Chivalry, membership of the Order of Saint Lazarus is by invitation-only to both men and women who are practicing and committed Christians, are of good character and standing in their community, and who wish to help suffering mankind.’ www.st-lazarus.net

As if this was not enough elevation for one news bulletin he was elected to the Académie Internationale de Généalogie last September when it was held in St Petersburg. www.geneacademie.org/en/  This new ‘academician’ said, “I’m actually quite honoured by this. It’s the ‘Davos Group’ of the genealogical world, and I’m the only UK member apart from the two Grand Old Men of the business, Cecil Humphery-Smith and Hugh Peskett.”

From the Académie's website: “The International Academy for Genealogy was founded in Turin (Italy) on Tuesday 22 September 1998 in order to gather competent specialists in genealogy, who would represent the various cultural areas in the world. Its goal is to encourage and co-ordinate genealogical studies at an international level, and to promote colloquiums and meetings on a world scale, in order to raise genealogy to the status of a true and worthy branch of the social sciences.”

In view of all this recognition we encourage you, DFA members, to send us your family’s history so that we can piece it all together.

Dr. Bruce Durie BSc (Hons) PhD OMLJ FSAScot FCollT FIGRS FHEA

Honorary Fellow, University of Strathclyde

Member, Académie internationale de généalogie

Genealogist, Author, Broadcaster, Lecturer


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