Durie Orchid Hunters Down Under!

Written by Christian Dewar Durie
Friday, 28 November, 2014 - 14:21

The first booklet is about the orchids found on the reserve. Over 60 species have been identified to date in an area of just 770 hectares making it one of the most valuable places for native orchids in the Central West of NSW.

The authors have been searching for, finding and recording orchids for over eleven years and even found a new one just before going to print. They have used field observation and photographs as the main way of identification and classification is under constant review.

The 38 page booklet is instructive about orchids, their habitat and includes a guide to each of their flowering times as well as photographs of 62 varieties.

If you would like copies of either booklet we will put you in contact with Ken. Click Here.

Native Orchids of Hassans Walls Reserve’ - A$ 10 + pp  

Plants of Hassans Walls Reserve’ - A$ 20 + pp


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