Written by Christian Dewar Durie
Thursday, 12 January, 2017 - 17:20

John and Eliza had 15 children, John Thomas, Robert, Frederick James, Arthur, George, Archibald, Elsie May, Marion Gordon, Ivy, Eliza Lillian, William Harold, David Leslie, Evelyn Maud, Stanley, Amy Edna the youngest. So between them there must be many more Durie descendants for us to find in Australia.

Our Genealogist, Dr Bruce Durie knows of John Durie, his 12 siblings and his great-grandparents Robert Durie (b. 1777) and Elizabeth McDonald.  So! Just give us a clue and we may well be able to provide more.

The next contact came from Norway: a new found sixth cousin to the Chief and his sister is Karin Eger descended from Hellen Durie (m. Peter Eger on 10 Jun 1836 in Domkirken, Oslo) who was the daughter of Charles Durie (1778- 1868) and Eliza Hall (m. 27 Mar 1800) in Londonderry, Ireland, where Charles was serving as an army officer. Hellen was one of 8 sons and 6 daughters. Charles later became British Consul to Christiania, Norway (1815 - 1832) but was sacked for fiddling his expenses! He had a sad life after that, even spending time in prison in Britain for debt. You can read the complete story of “Charles Durie’s Trousers” on the Durie website. Some of the family stayed in Norway - others went to New Zealand and to Texas and... anywhere else? Are you descended from any one of them? 

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