The Gathering - Edinburgh 2009

An unique event took place in Edinburgh in July 2009. As part of the year long Homecoming celebrations, a two day Gathering of Clans and Families took place in Holyrood Park. An estimated 40,000 people came to see the bands, highland games, displays and other attractions, and to visit the Clan Village.

Nearly 100 Clans and Families had taken space in the attractive tents of the Village to meet the kinsmen from around the world. The Duries shared a tent with the Eliott Family from the Borders, and we made good companions. Many came by to see us, and new contacts and friendships were made.

The Chairman and the Chief On the Saturday evening we formed up outside Holyrood Palace for the March of the Clans up the Royal Mile to the Esplanade outside Edinburgh Castle. It was a stirring moment as with 6000 others interspersed with Pipe Bands, and under our Durie sign with our Durie Tartan, we marched up the cobbled street cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd. We all had a special spring in our step.

The day before the Gathering, the Chief, Sir David Durie and Christian Dewar Durie had taken part in a one day Convention, held in the Scottish Parliament. Here again uniquely, 100 Clan and Family Chiefs and other dignitories from across the world had gathered to discuss the place of the clan and family system in the 21st century.

Three momentous days which which led to the formation of this Association.The March up the Golden Mile. L-R Lisa and Guy Clevenger from the USA, Andrew Durie of Durie and David Durie


Dougie Maclean shares a dram with the Chief The Clan Village, The Gathering 2009

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