Lecture in Dunfermline

Written by Andrew Durie of Durie
Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 13:22

The venue was the Abbot's House beside the Abbey in Dunfermline. Both buildings are steeped in Durie history. The Family window is in the wonderful old nave of the Abbey. The Abbot's House is now an excellent small museum with several references to the Family.

Supporting Bruce at his lecture was the Chief Andrew Durie, and Rod MacDougall who has been responsible for designing and crafting the new Durie web site. Rod is at present our Webmaster.

Bruce referred several times to the Family, and used various Coats of Arms of Duries through the centuries to illustrate the development of heraldry in Scotland, including his father's recently granted arms, and the Chief's arms matriculated earlier this year.

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