Written by Christian Dewar Durie
Sunday, 2 September, 2018 - 19:35

The castle has been occupied commercially by architects for some years but now it also has planning permission to be turned back into a five bedroom family property.  Have you the £ 500,000 GBP (and maybe a bit more)? Would you like to own an historic castle with strong Durie connections?

The castle dates at least as far back as 1382 when it was known as the Tower of Kingorne-Waster and later Burntisland Castle for several generations. In 1382, in the time of Robert Blear Eye (Robert II, first of the Stuart kings), it was a square tower or keep, occupied by a Durie of that Ilk, who built the north and south wings, and inserted over the principal entrance the arms of Durie, supported by two savages, girded with laurels. The Duries, however, occupied Rossend for the minority of its history and no Durie has lived there for over 450 years.

The Arms of George Durie, Abbot of Dunfermline with the date 1554 are above the Archway of Rossend, the Arms of Queen Margaret on the east wall and the Royal Arms of Scotland with the date 1563 to commemorate a visit of Mary, Queen of Scots are also visible. Mary often lodged in the castle and it was here the romantic Frenchman, Du Chastelard committed the act of lese-majestie which led to his execution.

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