Written by Christian Dewar Durie
Saturday, 25 August, 2018 - 13:54

The General was attending to take the salute that night, invited by his U.K. counterpart, British Chief of Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach, who was presented with his cromach by Lord Charles Bruce.

At the start of the evening the Generals and Chiefs with Brig. David Allfrey, CEO and Producer of the Tattoo, had toasted the Lone Piper with a quaich of The Durie Dram, providing a link between the two Families parading; the whisky – selected by the Durie Family - is blended and bottled in Fife by Adelphi Distillers whose CEO is Hon. Alex Bruce.  After the Tattoo and cromach presentation Andrew Durie was able to discuss with the General that as well as having  spent his own early years in California and Massachusetts his son-in-law was an ex-US marine.  Dunford said on his flight back to Washington, “I didn’t realize how big the tattoo was when I accepted. I learned.”

For full report on the Durie Night 2017:

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